Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tourney Report: 14/08/2011 at Auntie Elsie Shop

Venue: Auntie Elsie Shop
Entry Fee: $1
Participants: 30+
Deck Used: 12 - Critical Kagero

This time, I'm testing out how good 12 critical Kagero is.

Match 1: Wei Yao - Kagero
We both agreed before the match that the one who gets more crits wins. For the whole match, he got only 1 crit and i only got 1 heal but I still win lol. I got Overlord as my vanguard and his executioners have no effect on me so yeah. 11k vg ftw.

Match 2: Paladin
At the end of the match, he revealed that he had a trigger hand as the match dragged on, though he did not misride. Use barkgal every turn and Pongal for SSD search. IMO he played very well, maintaining hand size and field advantage with Flogals. I was probably lucky. Overall good game

Match 3: Leslie - Kagero
I start second for the third time. My dice fails me. Though because of that, I managed to deal 3 damage in the first turn because of a crit and Lourdes 9k attack. I pressured him for game later on.

Match 4: Elson - Nova Grappler
I rushed him on Grade 1. He rushed me on Grade 2. His Asura Kaiser/ Death Army combo is quite devastating but he did not trigger any grade 3s. He made a misplay as he heard that my vanguard+support = 15k while he has a 11k vanguard and thus he only guarded with 10k. I got a critical trigger and won from there. Sacky from both parties.

Match 5: Joe - Paladin
He was sighing throughout the match as he kept drawing triggers. At 3 damage, he declared no guard and I managed to get a double critical. The shop went rowdy from there lol. Lucky on my part

I don't know why there was a sixth round before semi's but yeah. Prolly revival round hax0rs for some players.

Match 6: Sebas - Tsukuyomi OTT
He managed to ride all the way to Grade 3 Tsukuyomi and I knew I was in trouble. Throughout, I made a mixture of attacks to vanguard and rear guard, thanks to Lourdes and him having half moon as vg. Can't remember much from there but I remember winning by critical trigger lol.


Match 7: Elson Nova Grappler
I was stuck at grade 2 and he rushed me at grade 1. I tried my best to drag the game till he had 5 damage but there's a limit to what you can do with grade 2s. Lost by advantage from here. (He attacked me 5 times on the first turn)

In conclusion, I have to fight Wei Yao again and he agreed to let me take 3rd place since it's a long day. I managed to pull a RR lol!

So $1 = Madonna + RR. Not that bad lol

And here's the deck that I've used for the tourney

12-Crit Kagero:

4 Dragonic Overlord
4 Dragonic Exectioner

4 Dragon Knight Nehalem
4 Dragon Armored Knight
4 Berserk Dragon

4 EoA Bahr
4 Flame Dancer Lourdes
3 Wyvern Guard Barryi
2 Dragon Monk Gojou

1 Lizard Runner Conroe
4 EoS Tahr
4 Blue Ray DracoKid
4 Demonic Dragon Monk Raksha
4 Dragon Monk Genjou

The MVPs of the deck are probably Dragonic Overlord (duh), Dragonic Executioner and Flame Dancer Lourdes. The grade 3's allow me to not worry about 11k vanguard as opposition and Flame Dancer Lourdes allows early damage and forces the opponent to overextend, which will be in my favour for my second turn. Counterblast usage-wise is most reserved for Berserk Dragon (for advantage) and Dragon Armored Knight (meeting perfect number setups). Overlord's CB3 is rarely used here and only used it to bait out the Isolde's/Barryi etc.

My opinion:
12 crit is strong .Kinda proven with a 6-1 i got on the tourney. But it's up to you to play it or not because I feel that 12 critical can make you depend too much on the critical trigger to win and thus, it may cloud your judgment during the game. Nevertheless, it's a good deck to pressure the opponent with critical and attacks from all sides (Overlord cb/Backrow rape...yeah, no escape)

I'll be restricting myself to 4 triggers each as a sort of training for Kagero.

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chris said...

I think u should play iron tail dragon over lourdes, it synergizes better with executioner and waterfall if u plan to replace that with overlord. I am not too sure about dragon armored knight, I do not see him being too useful.

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