Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thoughts on the Barcgal restriction

Personally, the restriction of Barcgal dealt a huge blow to many Paladin players. But personally, I am relieved of the restriction. Barcgal as a free +1 in the first turn with no cost is just crazy, along with the 5 soul setup for Soul Saver Dragon and a Gancelot setup upon superior ride.

I feel rather sad that people are giving up on paladin upon hearing the restriction. I still feel that Royal Paladin is a strong deck, despite the restriction. The player just have to make a -1(call Barkgal from hand) to make a +1(call Flogal) and wait for next turn to initiate a further +1(call another Flogal/Liew.) I feel that the restriction makes Barcgal's advantage mechanic more reasonable as compared to other cards. So far, cards that initiate a +1 in card advantage alone are those that need CB2 or higher(Berserk/Alfred/BlasterBlade/Libra etc) and thus, I feel that restriction is reasonable.

Though I feel that Bushiroad is being too hasty in their ban even before BT03 is out. Paladin players, do keep the faith.


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