Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brocade Shenanigans

The "what seems to be a generic" Kagero card in BT02 is now a guaranteed arsenal (second to Overlord of course) in my kagero decks from now on. I even have a deck centered around Brocade since he is good.

Backrow Rape
A primary Kagero trait is to kill units/support so that the opponent needs to bring out more units on the following turn, thus making opp lose hand. With Brocade, on the turn you ride him, use Tejas/Berserk Dragon/ DDGKinnala to get rid of units supporting >10000 units as without support, they cannot hit the vanguard. They'll be tempted to add another boost unit to support it or make do by targeting a rear guard.

Locking shenanigans
By splashing in Megacolony cards such as Lady Bomb(highly recommended), Karma Queen and Hell Spider(not recommended, but you can try), you can lock the opponent's rear guards without having to worry about them using their intercept ability. Another trick would be to cripple supports behind front RG/VG so that their attack is crippled as well. Imagine Knight of truth , Gordon is supported by a Marron, and you used the ability on his Marron. his gordon will be a dead card during his next turn and he'll be tempted to replace Gordon/Marron to maintain attack. If that happens, you do realise that Lady Bomb just became a Blaster Blade/Berserk Dragon? Another trick would be to rest his RG supporting his VG so that his VG wouldn't be a threat next turn. Use Lady Bomb's intercept to save hand size when guarding. Then again, if he decided to maintain attack by retiring his rested unit, congrats you have achieved Blaster Blade/Berserk Dragon effect!

Without Brocade, megacolony's rest effect is only effective against grade 1 or 3 units. With Brocade, all units are a viable target.

Forcing Advantage
Stealth Dragon, Void Master caught my eye when I first got it, due to his effect and art (well, most of it is art) but I didn't manage to utilise it till BT02 came out. When a boosted Void Master (RG) hits the Rear guard, he'll either guard or get hit by the attack. If hit, Void Master's ability kicks in, giving the opponent a -2. He'll have no choice but to guard. With the help of Brocade, no funky stuff like S-Special Intercept (stupid term imo) can be made and he is limited to guarding with his hand. So either way, there will be at least a -1 for the opponent's hand.

At your third turn, and if you've been playing advantage all this time, this means that the opponent doesn't have much damage on him. Use a boosted Void Master and attack the vanguard. He'll either take 1 damage and lose 1 card or lose 1 card by guarding. Note that this is when you are rushing the opponent and you will probably rush your units out, making your hand size smaller than the opponent in most cases.

During late game, the opponent would let the attack go as attacks targeting the vanguard are more threatening. After the twin drive, if you managed to get a stand trigger and you still have less cards than the opponent, attack the rear guard (most preferably a 10000) with a 14000. He'll have no choice but to drop a 5000 guard (most of the time a Grade 1/2).

Power-up after twin drive
As the opponent is limited to guarding with his hand, it is no surprise that you'll eventually have more cards than him after the twin drive. With cards such as Gandolf and Chigasumi, their abilities shine here. With Iron tail Dragon CB2, a 20000 is assured late game.

With Brocade, you can possibly push the opponent to a corner and slowly beat him to death. Though not recommended for a person who recently starts vanguard, it's a deck worth trying out. If you're not the patient type, you can also try 12 critical triggers (kagero-based) to double critical him to death lol.


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