Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tourney Report: 29/07/2011 at Auntie Elsie Shop

Venue: Auntie Elsie Shop
Entry Fee: $1
Participants: 30+ (I couldn't be bothered to count lol)
Deck Used: Grade 1 Rush

Since it's a $1 tourney, I figured I might as well use a fun deck to play. Me and my friend decided to do the same. After all, we're just in it for the promo pack lol.

Match 1: Nova Grappler
He started first, Ride Queen Of Heart on top of Battleraiser and ends turn. The following turn, I dealt 4 damage since I got a crit. Opponent was stunned lol. Pushed the game from there.

Match 2: Spike Brother
He started first and I rushed him the following turn, dealing 2 damage since he blocked 1. He mis-ride and lingers at grade 1 for a while. Rushed him from there.

Match 3: Eugine - Tachikaze Paladin
He let me go up since he entered the tourney without getting a promo. I let him have mine in exchange for winning the group.

Swiss over, now Qualifing to top 4

Match 4: Spike Brother/ Scarlet Witch Koko
It was a best of 3 match. Lost the first match due to him racking up draws and heals, and further draw from Scarlet Witch Koko. For the next 2 matches, he made a few mistakes and I managed to get triggers along the way.

and now to top 4

Match 5: Allan - Oracle Think Tank
He had a terrible hand of grade 3's in his hand. I won even before he can ride the grade 3. Luck on my part. For the next 2 games, he adjusted his playstyle and managed to win both matches. I didn't trigger anything so no advantage there. Good game overall.

For match 6, the other OTT player was tired at this point. 3rd and 4th place prizes were 2 boosters and 1 booster respectively (yeah, i know, $1 tourney). I decided to give way to the kid and let him have 2 boosters. We didn't get any foils so yeah *inserts sad face* The players there were quite amused by my attempt to use a deck full of common cards (except tahr, he's rare but thats it). In the end, I emerged 4th out of the 30+ participants. Not bad for a common deck lol.

Here's the decklist:

4 EoA Bahr
4 Iron Tail Dragon
4 Dragon Monk Gojo
21 Grade 1 with 8000 power

1 Lizard Runner Conroe
4 Lizard Runner Ganlu
4 Dragon Dancer Monica
4 EoS Tahr
4 Demonic Dragon Monk Raksha

I figured a Kagero-based deck is best suited for the job, since I'm more familiar with Kagero than any other clan. It's mainly 15000 and 16000 beatdown, with combinations of 7000 and 8000, boosted with 8000. Even when the opponent triggers at damage check, they still have to guard 5000 when I attack, and they either take more damage or lose potential units (Grade1-2). I played no heal triggers as I figured I would dish out more damage and thus, the heal would never work anyway lol. 8 critical for the win. As booster 3 comes out, I'll increase the critical count to 12 to make it even more lethal. As of now, the draw and stand triggers can be interchanged to your liking. Feel free to experiment and see which style suits you best. It's cheap, fun and can dish out lots of damage.

*in the end, my friend got the Dragon from the Grand Blue clan (his 4th lol)*


Yu Hang said...

may i know where is the shop?

PsychoSnake said...

TTZ Trading. You can get there from the Hougang MRT station. Walking distance

Yu Hang said...

is it the shop that hosts the grand prix?

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