Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts on The new trial decks

I apologise if there have been no recent posts. I have to make a trip to Korea and have to attend to school stuffs. But rest assured, this blog is still active

Now that that's out of the way, I would like to continue to discuss my thoughts about the new trial decks.

Nova Grappler: Gold Rutile, Death Metal Droid, Cannon Ball, Oasis Girl

The existence of DeathMetalDroid helps Nova grapplers reach the 20000 baseline without King Queen combo. And the abuse of DMD/Mr. Invincible is just too good. Oasis here fits as well to meet baselines of 16000 and 20000.

Gold Rutile is basically an alternative to Lion Heat, so expect Lion Heat's price to drop? Furthermore, with 20000 setups (DeathMetalDroid/KingQueen) viable in the deck, it's easy to trigger the unflip effect (Not to mention DeathMetalDroid is free in this case)

And Nova Grapplers get their 3rd Stand Trigger. NOw they dont have to mix clans to achieve 12 stands. (Wishes for a 3rd Stand/Critical for Kagerou)

OTT: Sakuya, MeteorBreakWizard, SwordsDancerAngel, DarkCat, Battle Sister Maple, Victory Maker

Sakuya is actualy a good (and unhealthy for the metagame) OTT card. Like CEO, it has the +4000 boost so meeting 21000 baseline wouldn't be a problem. And the bouncing rear guard effect allows the user to reset his field to meet baselines, and to reuse effects (DarkCat,LuckBird). Draw whore much?

MeteorBreak Wizard is another Borz, helps OTT player achieve a more beatdown play. Not Bad

Dark Cat is broken. Now, OTT players have their long awaited 7000 support. With the help of Cocoa and Circle Magus, OTT players have even more control over what they can get in their hand. This setup, on top of CEO, is just frustrating in my opinion. Expect Luck Bird to be seeing less play since this guy is a stronger version.

Battle Sister Maple and Swords Dancer Angel is bullshit in my opinion so i wouldn't bother about them.

Oh, and they get their 3rd draw trigger. I wouldn't imagine 12 Draw 4 Luck Bird and 4 Dark Cat. They are just asking for library death lol.

Overall, great additions to the 2 clans, on top of more from the next booster. I wouldn't mind making a cheap Invincible/DMD/OasisGirl deck focused on 20000 beat.


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