Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thoughts on new promo cards

Finally, a reason to enter tournaments again.

First off, Ceylan isn't that bad (though i wished his effect doesn't need CB and him being a 9000). Makes him+Marron meet 16000 baseline or other units with Marron support meet 16000 baseline. Art is way better than Akane

Dragonic Vanisher is unique that it is built to fight paladins (though i still wished his effect would activate when I have more RG than the opponent) The card screams 20000 baseline. Pairs up well with Sealed Dragon Brocade. Still, I would prefer Dragonic Executioner over him.

The highlight of the promo pack. Seahorse gives Grand Blue players a more combo-ish/ hand control style, dumping (Nightmist,Samurai Spirit,Spirit Exceed) to draw. Skull Dragon just made Grand Blue a pure beatdown (as if 10000 vanguard support wasn't enough) with 20000 setups, paired with Samurai Spirit at the rear guard. Ca't say that it's broken since Kagerou gets Dragonic Executioner and the other clans get their own Bors. Still, further support for other clans is a huge welcome.

OTT gets their own in-built Aermo, which is nice for player who would want to play 12 draw triggers lol. Sphere Magus is probably for loli-value. I'd stick with alternate art Lozenge Magus.

Overall, card quality is around the same as the previous promo pack. I'd keep Vanisher for collection purposes. Expect more Grand Blue in the future. I don't expect to see Paladin players splash Ceylan since he isn't as user friendly as Akane/Blaster Blade.


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