Monday, July 11, 2011

Tachikaze: How strong are they?

Since the clan has an upgrade in the second set and is receiving more support for the 3rd booster, I might as well write about them. They're surprisingly strong.

Starting VG: Dragon Egg
What's interesting about this card is that it's usefulness can be found even in mid-late game, unlike Barkgal (sorry Paladin). Though small as a support, it is still able to meet 15000 with the help of 11000 rear guards (In this case preferably Bombarding Dragon Cannongear). CB to maintain advantage and serve as 10000 shield in the later part of the game. You can even replace it with another RG for stronger support and still keep him in the hand. It basically makes "...retire one of your Tachikaze..." to "CB1"

Main Support: Wing Dragon Skypterra
No doubt one of the strong cards in the clan. Kagero can't do shit about you meeting 15000 or even 16000 baseline since the support cannot be sent to the drop zone that easily, due to it's effect. Even as second turn, when the opponent rides a 6000 VG, you can even use this to deal an extra damage and still not worry about losing card advantage. Used well with Tyrant Death Rex to meet 21000 baseline or even Bombarding Dragon Cannongear to meet summoning cost. It basically makes "...retire one of your Tachikaze..." to "CB1"

Shells pour down like rain,
on enemies and allies alike.
The Beater: Bombarding Dragon Cannongear
At first glance , I compared him with Genocide Jack since they are the only Grade 2's who has 11000 base power. Both have their own strengths and drawbacks. Meeting it's summoning cost isn't that hard since you'll have Dragon Egg from turn 1 to do the job. So it's summoning condition becomes CB1. Made just to combo with Dragon Egg for 15000 base. It's self boost as VG makes it meet 21000 with Sonic Noah.

Chaos crunches everything,
Chaotic Twin Bite!

Superior Ride? : Chaos Dragon Dinochaos
No doubt I compared him to the superior rides of Aleph and Blazing Flare Dragon at first glance. For both, its a -2 at the cost of CB1/CB2(if lucky) to get another +2 from the twin Drive. You thin your deck by 1 non-trigger and still lose a trigger at the same time. As for Dinochaos, you simply retire 2 RG to Superior ride him. Use Dragon Egg and Wing Dragon Skypterra and it'll be a CB2 for just a Superior Ride without losing advantage. So at CB2, the player manages to get +2 but still -1 for playing him from your hand. Overall +1 card advantage , compared to Blazing Flare/Aleph which is overall +0 card advantage. But compared to Aleph and Blazing Flare, this guy has no other special effects so that +1 probably makes up for it. Still a raw beater as a RG

The Killer VG: Tyrant Death Rex
A reason why "Death" is in it's name is because it literally spells death when the opponent is at 5 damage. With only a 6000 support (looks at Skyptera) it reaches 21000 baseline and any VG that can exceed 20000 baseline is worth playing. But the drawback is that the moment this guy hits, you have to retire a RG (looks at Skypterra). So how is this a beast at 5 damage? Well, at 5 damage, the moment this thing hits the opponent's VG, you'r opponent is dead so he'll probably use at least 15000 worth of shield or drop a nullifier (Isolde, Barri, Twin Blader etc). Slowly play and see how much advantage you rack up. Alternatively, the 20000 baseline can be used to crush important rear guards (Dragonic overlord, Bors) at a cost of CB1. Powerful card that can be exploited using other cards from the same clan.

The Tachikaze clan focuses on raw power while using CB to maintain card advantage. Currently, the clan needs to be combined with other clans to play. I didn't bother to write about Sonic Noah and Assault Dragon Blightops since they are generic and Blightops just sucks. Suggestions would be to combine with NovaGrappler or Kagerou. Grappler is because of Mr Invincible for CB supply and KingQueen combo. Kagero mainly because of Aermo to filter dead hands and Iron Tail Dragon to meet 25000 at CB3. More support is coming up in booster 3 so keep a lookout.


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