Monday, July 11, 2011

Superior Ride issues 1: Demonic Dragon Berserker Yaksha

*mind boggling language is used. You have been warned*

Since I've discussed about Dinochaos's Superior ride mechanics, I figured I might as well discuss about Yaksha (probably the laughing stock of the Kagero clan)

Do note that if you use Berserk Dragon's effect when you ride him, you cannot jump Yaksha since the effect is activated in the Ride Phase. So a -1 for playing him from hand and a +2 for the twin drive, overall a +1. And if you used Berserk Dragon's effect, this results in a +2 overall. If it's Kinnala or Gatling Claw Dragon, overall a +1 but still that's advantage. (Wow suddenly Yaksha sounds good lol) Do note that it has a base of 9000 and that means 14000 baselines (which is easy to achieve) will beat him to a pulp. Imagine those Grade 1 units with (Soul Blast +3000) managing to give this thing trouble lol. Give it a try. Do it for the twin drive lol.


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