Sunday, July 17, 2011

New TD Hype: Nova Grappler

With the new TDs out, might as well discuss about some new strategies Nova Grappler has to offer (All of em has awesome art IMO)

Gold Rutile Shenanigans
Gold Rutile's unflipping ability can be said to be more annoying and more threatening than Mr Invincible, though each card has it's own advantages. With at least 7000 support for Death Metal Droid, he can surpass the 20000 limit, which is considered powerful for a rear guard. This can be used to clear the opponent's rear guard of 10000 or lower or hitting the vanguard. Though when hitting the vanguard, either the opponent has to drop at least 15000 guard (at least 2 cards) or your CB is literally free thanks to Gold Rutile. Imagine 1CB to make the opponent drop 2 cards (laughs at Nubatama's face).

As for Genocide Joker (awesome art btw) his CB2 to reach 14000 is already enough to hit rear guards with 9000. And with a mere 6000 support, this guy can reach 20000. Again the threatening factor still applies with Joker+Rutile combo, making opponent drop at least 2 cards or refreshing 1 damage. The thing about Joker is that with 4CB and at least 7000 support, this guy can reach 25000, which is highly threatening when playing in the 5 damage zone. With a stand trigger , it makes him 23000, enough to make a dent at the vanguard, or even annoying 8000 rear guards like silent tom.

Gold Rutile isn't built in with as much power as the other 2 guys I mentioned, but his second ability is threatening as well. When his attack hits the vanguard, he can CB2 to stand his allies. That makes it all the more reason for the opponent to block his attack.

In conclusion, with the addition of Gold Rutile, Nova Grapplers have the edge to probably make it to the meta. Though I'll just have to wait and see how things unfold with the new cards.

As for me, I'll stick with Kagero anytime (Dragonic Overlord FTW).


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