Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Kagero Tutorial: Superior Ride ,Defensive Removal and Erasing Advantage

Truth be told, I don't really like the superior ride mechanism as the player will not gain advantage that turn. Though that's probably the drawback for riding a grade faster than the opponent.

By mathematical calculation it goes like this:
[-1(Ride from hand)] + [-2(Superior Ride Materials)] +[+2(Twin drive)] = -1 Overall

What I really want to share is the importance of the Superior Ride.

Firstly, it's the effects that comes with the Superior Ride.
EoV Aleph is able to refresh the CB. A highly promising skill to abuse with Berserk Dragon to get back the advantage lost from the superior ride. His CB4 to get +3000 and Critical+1 isn't s promising, but still an ability to put pressure on the opponent, especially at 4damage. As for Blazing Flare, his ability to retire 1 card by SB5 itself regains it's loss in advantage and it's ability to get +3000 from that gives it a chance to reach the 20000 borderline.

Secondly, it's the ability to rush all your Grade 3's out from your hand.
With the Superior Ride, you can call out your Grade 3' in your hand (that will probably remain dead in the hand) and join your attack force. This is important as you can maintain your Guard Size in your hand while continuing your attack. Without the Superior Ride, and stuck with a handful of Grade 3's n your hand, it is possible for the opponent to deal a heavy blow during the next turn. That 1 turn is important.

Defensive Removal

The Kagero Clan is known for the ability to retire the opponent's rear guard through effects. The thing to note is which unit to retire. There are a few Examples:

Destroying the rear guard that supports the vanguard
By doing this, you lower the strength of the opponent's vanguard, thus making it easier for you to guard against the vanguard. The opponent has to play a support to boost his vanguard (thus, losing a 5000 guard) or not boosting to maintain his Guard.

Breaking Perfect Number Setups
The plan is to destroy the rear guard that supports a unit that would reach perfect number. An example would be when you have Blazing Flare Dragon as a vanguard and the opponent has a rear guard silent tom boosted with Oracle Guardian Gemini (16000, perfect number against Blazing Flare). By destroying Gemini, Silent Tom is either a dead card that cannot hit your vanguard or your opponent is forced to play a rear guard from his hand (thus losing 5000-10000 guard) to make Silent tom effective again. Foreseeing this, your opponent would use the dead Silent tom to intercept. If that happens , during his turn, he has to play 2 cards (losing 5000-15000 guard) to maintain his attack force. And if your Kagero deck emphasises on critical, then your opponent's hand is limited to both guarding and attacking at the same time.

Destroying Intercept Units
Especially when attacking the opponent in a 5 damage situation, Berserk Dragon does his job well, by reducing the opponent's guard. This moves hits hard on players who depend on 10000 intercept.

A key thing to note is to best destroy the rear guard supports than the front rear guards themselves. This is because the front rear guards can be hit by your attacks. And by attacking his supports, he is forced to play more form his hand or has his units' power reduced.

Erasing Advantage

When attacking the opponent's vanguard during early game, do you notice that the opponent does not lose any card advantage (unless they guard)? If you attack their rear guard, it's a confirm -1 in card advantage for the opponent, as he loses that rear guard or uses cards in his hand to protect it.

As mentioned earlier, in Silent Tom Vs Blazing Flare, it explains how to make <10000 rear guards useless against your 10000 vanguard, by destroying their support. With Sealed Dragon Brocade, the Silent Tom is as good as dead as it cannot be used for Intercept. Thus, you can focus your attacks on the vanguard to apply more pressure to the opponent. If dealt with such a situation, the opponent would be forced to retire his Silent Tom to play a rear guard with 10000 power, overall still losing 1 card. With the presence of Brocade, it limits the opponent from playing grade 2s as it reduces the opponent's guard by doing so. And by destroying the support, the opponent can be forced to play another support from their hand, thus losing another 5000-10000 guard. Tejas and Kinnala does their job well here. And if the opponent plays a 10000 rear guard, you have the option to destroy that rear guard. Having Brocade on the field, the opponent will most likely protect that rear guard to maintain his attack force. Do note that this playing style doesn't require Overlord, thus you can make room for Berserk Dragon to expand your strategy or play Overlord himself.

During your turn, it is the time to gain advantage. If you have the chance to reduce the opponent's options to gain advantage next turn, do so. That is what I feel Kagero specialses in and that is why I play Kagero.


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