Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hell Spider: Probably one of the most underrated cards in the game

*Lozenge alternate art is hot btw*

I was flipping through KeroKero Ace on the way home from the vanguard tourney, looking at the sections previewing some cards from the next booster (Galahad, PaleMoon, DarkIrregular) and I stumbled upon a spread which shows the ratings of some cards in the meta. I was surprised that King of Knights,Alfred got a rating of 3/5 (as far as I can remember) and SSD, CEO and Blaster Blade got a rating of 4/5. The 2 cards which got a 5/5 rating is Dragonic Overlord (I'm so proud of u) and strangely, Hell Spider.

Coming from the earth,
the incarnation of evil!
Hell Spider!
He has a nice effect of 3000 boost when all of the opponent's rear guards are rested (in which the requirement is met most of the time). This allows Hell Spider to meet at least 20000 with at least a 7000 support. Any card that can meet the 20000 borderline is worth playing. Probably the trait which makes it a 5/5

His next effect, which is often compared to Blaster Blade and Berserk Dragon, is the ability to CB2 to select an opponent's rear guard and stop it from standing next turn . Do note that it is not restricted to grades (like BB and BerserkDragon). This means that you can use this effect on a rear guard supporting the opponent's VG, thus crippling his VG strength next turn, or choose a front rear guard that cannot intercept so that it cannot declare an attack next turn. One of the ways to override this effect is to manually retire your own RG so that you do not lose momentum. Though if that happens, Hell Spider has achieved a (Blaster Blade + Berserk Dragon) effect and the opponent has achieved a loss in card advantage.

So, what's the drawback of this card? Well, in my opinion, there is no drawback by using this card. it has an attack of 10000, which is enough to beat with, and has an effect that can cripple the opponent offense. For non-Kagero and Paladin decks, this card is a good addition to the deck.

Another would be Lady Bomb. Use her effect on the VG support, and still provide intercept when the opponent VG attacks, allowing you to drop a maximum of another 5000 guard. Truly a Hit-and-Run strategy.

I'll be testing this in Nova Grappler variants. I'll update when I've found a stable deck list.


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