Saturday, July 30, 2011

Evolution Mechanism

I'll just call it the evolution mechanism for now since there's no official name for this. Anyway, in my opinion, the mechanism itself is unique. Do note that when you ride from your deck this way, it is considered a +1 since you don't have to expand anything from your hand.

Then again, it is an 11000 vanguard we're talking about. There's bound to be some disadvantage when using them. Well, these 2 comes with a huge disadvantage, with both requiring the 3 cards in their soul. And for Paladin players, you have to give up your Barkgal for that, and I highly discourage that.

The safest way to play this mechanism, in my opinion, is to just play the grade 1 and 2, and bet for just that +1 advantage. A very good mechanism for decks that rely on Grade 3s. Have fun trying them out

*credit to kumacard for the scans :)*


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