Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cards that define the meta 2: CEO Amaterasu

First off, her +4000 effect allows players to meet 20000 baseline off the bat (even after overextending with 2 cards in hand) talk about annoying.

Secondly, her card check ability is too good. It ranges from (trigger check/attack planning) to getting the right cards in your hand. If you checked a Stand trigger and places it on top, all the more for you to abuse Dragonic Overlord, OG Apollon, Libra for advantage. And if you checked a card you need, you can place it on top and use Luck Bird/Dark Cat (for OTT) or DiscardDraw units (Gojou, Lian, Shout) to get it.

In my opinion, strong card is strong. I doubt they would make a stronger CEO in the future. I would play this card in my Kagero deck but I currently don't have the resources. Heck, I would suggest all decks to play her because she is THAT good.


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