Sunday, July 10, 2011

10/07/2011 Lorong Ah Soo Tourney

Deck used: Kagerou

Venue: Lorong Ah Soo Card Shop

Match 1:
Jonas : Royal Paladin
The match was dragged till both players were at 4-5 damage. Throughout the match, I managed to trigger 3 Heal triggers so it's kinda lol. He managed to pull off brilliant 20000 and 21000 setups with Alfred and Bors respectively while I have Dragonic Overlord as my VG with 20000 setups as rear guards (Executioner - Bahr). Overall, good game. I was sweating throughout the match lol.

*thirsty at this point*

Match 2:
Eugine: Kagero
I mis-ride on the first turn and he managed to take it from there. The match dragged on to 5 damage each and I got Heal trigger on my 6th damage TWICE. It was truly a LOL moment since there were several cases of not able to guard fully (he has 20000 setup at VG while I have a 10000 VG). Still a loss is a loss

Match 3:
YS (not Yee Shean): Spike Brother
I went first and use Tejas to clear his "Conroe" and used Kinnala to clear his Dudley Dan. Managed to get off an Overlord+Stand so I managed to control him from there.

Match 4:
(name not known) : Kagero
He managed to pull of a Superior Ride at 1 Damage but I went for control by clearing his rear guard. It was a rally between hitting and guarding his RG Vortex Dragon "probably his only RG for offense at that point of time". Overlord CB failed but still managed to control for game.

Top 16 Match 5:
(name not known) : Royal Paladin
1): He pulled of successful 20000 and 21000 setups and beat for game
2): He mis-ride and superior ride later. he lost the advantage gained by Barkgal but still manages to hold on.Can't remember much , but there was a lot of Tejas action lol.
3) Half of his deck was in his soul in the middle of the game lol. Still, it was a long rally since we both triggered 2 heal triggers mid-game. Pulled off an Overlord-Stand and controlled from there. Overall , good game.

Top 8 Match 6:
Eugine (again) : Kagero
1) He superior ride at 1 damage and I can't remember much lol
2) I mis-ride and he took the game from there. Set up 20000 with Dragon Armored Knight + Bahr but still wasn't enough. Again, I got a Heal from 6th damage (happens everytime I play with him lol). Overall, good game.

(played this match because I do not want Captain Nightmist)
Top 8 Match 7:
(name not known) : Nova Grappler
1) He didn't have a grade 1 for 2 turns and I beat him from there
2) He rushed with Asura Kaiser and Genocide Jack. My 20000 setup wasn't effective against his 11000 VG. Genocide Joker is too strong.
3) He didn't have a Grade 3. Tejas action + Stand is awesome. Control by hitting rear guards slowly

Overall, it was tiring but I decided not to fight for the SSD and the Sealed Dragon Brocade was good enough since i needed it. Clinched 5th - 6th place. Not too bad. They all decided to stop at top 4 and split the prize from there. Only lost to Eugine today ;/ kind of a retribution for getting 6th damage Heal and last-minute Brocade the previous tourney that I played him.


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