Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kagerou style: Defense pattern

Even though the Kagerou clan is known to be one of the more offensive decks out there, I'll be discussing the defensive patterns Kagerou players have in their disposal.

Overlord Spam
Previously, Kagerou has only 4 stand triggers at their disposal and Overlord lovers reverted to a Kagerou-Grappler hybrid to make full use of Overlord's effect. The downside of that is the inability to use Wyvern Guard Barri, as the vanguard is Mr Invincible most of the time. Now, with 8 stand triggers, Overlord's ability can be abused further in pure Kagrou decks. And with Aleph's ability to refresh the damage zone it's a sure fire way of activating Overlord's effect in 2 consecutive turns.

Retire ability
With the introduction of the second expansion, it was never difficult to abuse the counterblast. With the existence of Gatling Claw Dragon, Kagerou's matchups against Paladins have been slightly easier with the option to retire Barkgal, the card which nets free cards for Paladins. And for Kinnala and Berserk Dragon, the option to retire the rear guard supporting the opponent's vanguard is the most common and best defensive option to keep the opponent's vanguard at bay.

The 11000 vanguard and S-Special Intercept
With an 11000 as a vanguard, Kagerou players practically save at least 1 more card for every attack, assuming most attacks are of 20000 baseline. And with the addition of Berger, maintaining hand size is easier during the opponent's turn - intercept and dropping a 5000 guard sets up a 26000, a good defense against 20000 setups.


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