Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cards that define the meta 1: Dragonic Overlord

First off, Dragonic Overlord's power of 11000 gives it a powerful defensive option against 20000 setups like Alfred and Dragonic Executioner + Bahr. It lets you drop 15000 instead of the usual 20000 guard against 20000 + 2 triggers setups. And for pure Kagerou decks, with the new "Dragon Knight Berger", keeping card advantage has never been that easy with the 10000 intercept.

Secondly, it's his ability to stand after retiring a rear guard. With at least 22000 power (>6000 rear guard), the opponent has to drop at least 15000 (2 cards) to block his attack. That alone is enough to net you a +2 card advantage. And with the usage of stand triggers, you can gain even more card advantage by standing Overlord and attacking his rear guards again. Either way, he will lose 2 cards. So in the event that you managed to get a stand trigger after using Overlord's effect, advantage gained would be +6, and you still have an extra attack. Even in a 5-damage situation, you can use him as a huge beatstick for game.

In my opinion, he is still a defensive card, compared to other grade 3's like CEO Amaterasu, Alfred, Dragonic Executioner etc. Other than netting insane advantage, that's all he's good for. With the second expansion, Kagerou players have more options to retire the opponent's rear guards and the usage of counterblast is more reserved for that purpose. Dragon Knight Berger is, indeed, the best present Dragonic Overlord gets for a more defensive option.


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